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Greg Plitt's full routine (kinda long)

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I have a 5 day split routine that works one body part per day and the entire body over the 5 day period. My split is Chest, Back, Shoulder, Arms, Legs with Abdominals done at the end of each workout for 10-15 minutes. So my routine starts on Monday, then I will do chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, shoulders on Wednesday, arms on Thursday and legs on Friday. I then immediately go back to day one, that being chest, and do chest again on Saturday, followed by back on Sunday, shoulders on Monday, and so on. I do Abdominals at the end of each workout for 10-15 minutes straight. Given there are 3 major abdominal regions, I will focus on one region each day. So if I am focusing on the lower abdominal region, I will do 10-15 minutes straight of leg raised, flutter kicks, ankles to the bar, rocky leg wipers, etc. I do one set of 30-50 reps per exercise and then bounce to another one immediately and continue to change up an exercise after each set for 10-15 minutes. So, in the event it takes you 2 minutes to do a set of 30-50 reps, then you are looking at 5-7 sets in the 10-15 minutes straight of the same abdominal region area at the end of the workout. Now you will notice that my 5 day split doesn’t reflect the days of the week, meaning, after the 5th day, I go straight to the 1st day workout again without a day off. Given that I have 4 days between each muscle group, I do not need a day off, but in all honesty, given the nature of work and hectic lifestyles we all lead, there is always a day per week that prevents me from getting to the gym, so that is my day off. I don’t plan a day off due to wanting to avoid missing two days in a row, meaning if today was my ‘day off’ and I took it off and tomorrow work prevented me from getting to the gym, I would net two days off in a row which would hinder my growth. To prevent that, I let nature run it’s course and don’t schedule days off, days off take care of themselves, enough said.

TIME OF DAY I TRAIN: For me, I get to the gym at 5:30 am and train each day because I know I always have that time free in the week and nothing hardly ever prevents me from sticking to that schedule. At first, my body was sleepy when I started training that early, but after a few weeks, my body thirst for the early workout and after leaving the gym to go to work, I was faster, quicker, mentally more alert then any of my co-workers were, so I was running laps around them before anyone knew what hit them. This is what works for me. If I could guarantee that I could workout every night, I would prefer to workout right before bed so I could let my muscle rest and grow after the workout instead of having to go through the day working them for hours after the workout and never giving them a full rest period, but due to not being able to always find that night time lift available, I lean towards a time period that is consistent, but I do feel the best growth is found when working out before bed and slamming a protein shake on your way into bed to feed and rebuild your muscles throughout the night.

ALWAYS CHANGE UP YOUR WORKOUT: I change my workout every time I work out. Don’t think this a huge task, it’s not. Changing your workout up is simple, all you want to do is keep your body guessing and not allowing it to get into sync with your training routine. If your body begins to figure out your pattern, it will find a more efficient way to move throughout the workout which is the miracle of the human body, but it defeats our goal of getting stronger. Your body grows when it’s forced to adapt to new situations it’s not ready for. When it is adapting it gets stronger to overcome the changes, which ultimately leads to growth, so change your workout up every time. Changing your workout is as simple as switching the routine, or doing dumbbells instead of barbells, or hammer strength and machines instead of free weight, or taking a day and doing only body weight. Also, doing the same routine but going heavy (reps around 6-8) and then doing the next workout with the same routine but going light (reps around 18-20). You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, it’s easy, and to be honest, it makes training more enjoyable and interesting….keeps you from getting bored in the gym.

CARDIO: I do cardio as a fat burn, meaning at a low heart rate for 45 minutes to an hour at a time. I always try to do at least 3 cardio sessions a week, but some weeks do 5. Swimming is my cardio of choice as it builds muscle endurance and helps stretch your muscles unlike running, biking, stair master, etc. I do cardio usually at night time before I go to bed to ensure I burn off any food in my stomach so I can go to bed on an empty stomach. Now if you are trying to grow and put on mass, you can still do cardio at night, but ensure you eat a high protein meal before bed or drink a protein shake.
Focus on today's struggle. Don't ever worry about tomorrow. Do whats necessary today, day after day...and the results of tomorrow will not disappoint.

Weight increased over time in selective form + increased calorie intake = mass in specified area. This is bodybuilding.


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